The Change The World category guides you to be an engaged and active member in your community. Mason students who engage with the world, honor freedom of thought and expression, will thrive together. This category will help you to learn how to:

Identify core personal values and base actions on those values
Apply ethical knowledge and learning with democratic ideals and principles to make positive changes locally and beyond
Demonstrate knowledge, awareness, and understanding of important world issues
Apply academic and disciplinary knowledge and personal experience to promoting social change
Build a just society and be better equipped to make meaningful social change

Change The World Category

  • Watch a TEDtalk
  • Attend a Panel, Lecture, or Guest Speaker Event
  • Attend an Intersectional Issue Event
  • Attend a Fair
  • Attend a Heritage, History, or Awareness Month Event
  • Attend a Creative Expression Event
  • Vote in a Local, State, Federal or Student Election
  • Volunteer for One Hour
  • Join the Academic Integrity Honor Committee
  • Participate in an Alternative Spring Break
  • Join Student Goverment