Your end goal is getting your degree. However, you also want that out of classroom student experience during your time at Mason. Your student experience adds immeasurable value to your education as you learn more about yourself, develop leadership skills, and find your community while at Mason. You also quickly learn from your first day of orientation that Mason runs a wide array events, opportunities, and student organizations on campus and this can seem overwhelming.  

That's where the Patriot Experience comes in! The Patriot Experience is intentially designed to help students navigate through the wealth of information and events on campus. We've taken the thousands of events and hundreds of organizations already here at Mason and structured them into an organized program. The Patriot Experience is an experiential learning program that helps you find the opportunities and resoruces on-campus that aligns with your interests. The best of all, it is a self-paced program that allows you to track your progress, and record your student involvement while you are in it. 

Choose Your Interests

The Patriot Experience allows you to explore your interests from three different categories. Each category provides a focused framework where you can develop crucial soft skills, find your community, and be part of the Mason community on campus. Every Patriot Experience item is an experiential learning opportunity for you to grow and develop as an individual, citizen, and leader.

Track Your Progress

Recording and tracking your engagement and involvement on campus has never been easier. Whenever you attend a campus event, workshop, volunteer, or join an organization related to the Patriot Experience, your participation is recorded in Mason360. You will have access to your profile and involvement records which you can display as part of your skills and experiences at Mason. 

How It Works?

The Patriot Experience is an entirely self-paced program. Choose your interests from any of the three categories, or you could also dive into all three categories during your time at Mason. Each category has specific learning objectives depending on the type of experiential learning and professional development you are seeking. Each category has a list of items for you to complete. 

The Patriot Experience team also sends a monthly newsletter, and regular updates on on-campus events, from workshops, conferences, to volunteer opportunities relating to each category. When you attend these events, you are automatically fulfilling items for each category. 

Additionally, watch out for special Patriot Experience challenges. Participate in these challenges and win cool Patriot Experience merchandise. 

The Patriot Experience is the perfect way for you to showcase and record your active engagement and participation in activities, workshops, lecture series, conferences, trainings, campus employment, and so much more.

Interested? Join the Patriot Experience in Mason360!