What is Patriot Experience?

Patriot Experience is a new co-curriculum program at Mason geared toward student growth beyond the classroom. This program is the perfect way to help students:

  • Become an involved member of the Mason community

  • Network with faculty/staff/other students

  • Help prepare students to increase soft skills such as teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, adaptability, communication skills, leadership, decision making, creativity, responsibility, etc.

  • Enhance students' education at Mason

Patriot Experience is self-guided portfolio that students can earn credit for completion. Students are encouraged to complete all four pathways of their choice in order to earn credit for completion. Upon, pathway completion student can earn rewards for their participation in the program.

The Patriot Experience captures students' involvement through four different pathway areas:


Career Readiness

Global and Multicultural Competency

Civic Learning and Community Engagement

Many of the events, conferences, trainings, internships, and various other opportunities that are already offered at Mason for students are apart of this co-çurricular program. Patriot Experience is an amazing opportunity to become a well-rounded student outside of the classroom and to interact with the Mason community and beyond.

Upon pathway completion of a pathway, students will be rewarded. Currently, students that complete one pathway level are eligible to receive a Patriot Experience Shirt.*

*Rewards for completion of a level 1-3 of a pathway may vary on a year by year basis.