Mason students will be able to build lives of vitality, purpose, and resilience, which are enriched by diversity and characterized by thriving, curiosity, hope, meaning, and joy. Students participating in this track will be able to:151028165-L

  • Cultivate their belief and purpose in their lives and decision making
  • Be aware of access, and adapt their physical well-being and the well-being of others
  • Bolster financial literacy and successfully manage their financial lives
  • Form meaningful, long-term relationships, and manage conflict effectively
  • Understand, integrate, and model mindful awareness and resilience
  • Explore and maximize their talents and strengths

Explore specific content areas within Levels 1-3 of the Well-Being pathway:

  • Financial Well-Being
  • Exploring Strengths, Beliefs, Purpose, Values, and Relationships
  • Physical Health, Mindfulness, and Safety
  • Well-Being Portfolio Design

Learning Objectives for the Well-Being Pathway Level 1-3

  1. Identify, develop and apply talents and strengths into their academic and social experiences
  2. Engage in positive coping mechanisms.
  3. Engage in mindfulness and/or other practices that foster self-awareness.
  4. Engage in healthy relationship practices to develop positive and meaningful relationships.
  5. Be informed and prepared to be effective managers of financial resources to achieve short and long term life goals.
  6. Articulate the values that inform decision-making
  7. Engage in behaviors that contribute to the health and safety of themselves and/or others