For Faculty/Staff

staffBenefits of Patriot Experience:

University Life’s Patriot Experience provides the framework for a co-curricular learning model over the next five years. As part of Mason’s commitment to deliver a transformative Mason learning experience, University Life is implementing over the next five years the Patriot Experience, designed to advance co-curricular and experiential learning for all Mason students.

University Life provides students with engagement opportunities that contribute to their retention and timely degree completion. We help build their sense of belonging and Mason Pride.

Your assistance in promoting is critical as you are opening a door for your students to:

  • Connect with more than 300 student organizations
  • Discover hundreds of events, workshops and activities

Please do not hesitate to contact the Patriot Experience coordinating team at with any questions or concerns.

150207717-XLPillars for Learning

• Retention and Timely Degree Completion

• Sense of Belonging and Mason Pride


Instruction on How to Request for Your Event to Be Considered For A Patriot Experience Pathway:

Step One: Navigate to your GetConnected Organization Page.

Step Two: Click the ‘Create An Event’ button and input all the necessary information then proceed to the next page. *Please note that your unit should be as descriptive as possible to help with the reviewing process for event consideration in Patriot Experience*

Step Three: Upload your event flyer or advertising via the Picture Uploader. If not, please proceed to the next page.

Step Four: Determine the department for which the event is being submitted for. Example: ‘Other University Life Unit’

Step Five: Please check ‘YES’ if you would like your event to be considered for a Patriot Experience pathway. *Please note that selecting ‘YES’ does not automatically apply your event to a fulfillment option for Patriot Experience*

Step Six: Please review the Patriot Experience Pathway descriptions that best fits with your event.

Step Seven: Select one or more domains within the chosen pathway that you may think the event may fulfill.

Step Eight: Please review all of the information that you input into the form then click the ‘Submit’ button.

Interested in using a Patriot Experience Approved Eventscreen-shot-2016-10-28-at-12-01-02-pm Core Board? Please click here to fill out the Core Board request form.