Global & Multicultural Competency

Students who choose the GMC pathway for levels 2 and 3 will have the opportunity to understand the ways in which they perceive, evaluate, believe, and solve problems, based on their own self-awareness and attained cultural knowledge. They will conscientiously negotiate diversity among individuals of various cultures and ethnicities, within individual cultures and subcultures, by becoming aware of one’s own and others’ perspectives. Students participating in this pathway will be able to:

Articulate awareness and knowledge of others
Articulate an awareness of the roots and impact of system-based power and privilege
Demonstrate sensitivity toward others
Understand the impact their behavior has globally

Serve as an effective ally and advocate people of other identities than their own

 Global & Multicultural Competency Level 2 Curriculum

Required Items:
  • Watch 2 TED Talks on Active Listening + reflection questions
  • Watch 3 TED Talks on Resilience + reflection questions
  • Attend a Month Event + short reflection
  • Attend a Week Event + short reflection
  • Attend an event hosted by SCAR, Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies or Global Affairs
  • Volunteer for 2 hours

  • Elective Items (choose 2):

  • Attend a Training
  • Attend a Conference or Forum
  • Attend a Fair
  • Participate in an Excursion with OIPS or Int'l Buddy Program
  • Join an international buddy program

  • GMC Level 3 Project


  • Meet with a Patriot Experience staff member
    • You will discuss what your interests are and help set goals for the project
  • Attend an On-Campus Panel Discussion
  • Read a book on a topic related to your project
  • Watch a film related to your project
  • Complete a mini-practicum (minimum of 8 hours)
  • Final Reflection
    • This will include a reflection of the experiences you had during Level 3, as well as an overall reflection of your experiences in the program.