Civic Learning & Community Engagement

Patriot Experience participants in the CLCE pathway will learn how to innovative and active community members. Mason students engage with the world, honor freedom of thought and expression, and thrive together. Students who choose this pathway for levels 2 and 3 will learn to:

Identify core personal values and base actions on those values
Apply ethical knowledge and learning with democratic ideals and principles to make positive changes locally and beyond
Demonstrate knowledge, awareness, and understanding of important world issues
Apply academic and disciplinary knowledge and personal experience to promoting social change
Build a just society and be better equipped to make meaningful social change

Civic Learning & Community Engagement Level 2 Curriculum

Required Items:
  • Attend a Heritage, History, or Awareness Month Event
  • Attend a Heritage, History, or Awareness Week Event
  • Attend an Event that Engages in Civic Issues, Civil Discourse, and Advocacy
  • Engage In Volunteering
  • Attend and Reflect Upon Civic Issues and Events
  • Participate In An Immersive Service Learning Experience
  • Written Reflection

Elective Items (choose 2):

  • Serve in a Leadership Role On Campus
  • Participate in A Mason Votes Event, or Research a Candidate or Issue 
  • Plan an Event to Raise Awareness and Inspire Action 
  • Take and Complete a Course Based Around a Civic Mindset (this satisfies both electives)

Civic Learning & Community Engagement Level 3: Digital Portfolio

Students' experience in the CLCE pathway will culminate in the creation of a digital portfolio. A detailed rubric will be sent to students when they reach this point in the program. Below is a brief summary of the sections to be included in each portfolio:

    • Digital Portfolio

    • About Me:
      • Short bio
      • Education
      • Strengths
    • Resumé
    • Leadership/Community Involvement
    • CLCE content area reflections:
      • Awareness of Civic Issues
      • Awareness of Civic Mindset
      • Awareness of Civic and Community Engagement
    • Civic-Minded Graduate Legacy
      • Students will answer ~5 reflection questions about how their experience has impacted them and their future
    • Media Gallery (optional)